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€666.00 (tax excl.)
For JOKEY container 18 kg , ø 240 - 290 mm Pneumatic pump 50:1 (6356) Additional suction mechanism to increase pump performance quick plug 4 m high pressure hose High Pressure Grease Control Gun, with Universal...
€456.00 (tax excl.)
Suction tube length: 860 mm Transmission ratio: 1:1 Maximum diameter (mm): 130 Maximum pressure (bar): 10 Minimum pressure (bar): 2 Recommended air pressure (bar): 8 Engine Displacement: 220 cm³ Pump displacement: 220...
€435.60 (tax excl.)
Features of the 50:1 ratio pneumatic grease pump: Suction tube length: 468 Transmission ratio: 50:1 Max diameter (mm):130 Maximum pressure (bar): 10 Minimum pressure (bar): 2 Recommended air pressure (bar): 8 Engine...
€122.40 (tax excl.)
Technical data of our Manual Grease Pump on tank: Media: Lubricating greases, up to NLGI 2 Suction tube length: 510 mm Suction connection: For manual Lubricationpumps with filling valve Supply: lever Volume / stroke:...
€60.00 (tax excl.)
The 9913055 rotary transfer pump is used to transfer a liquid from one container or place to another. The pump produces a pressure difference that attracts the liquid and as the pressure changes, the liquid is...
€60.00 (tax excl.)
Material: aluminum With rigid suction tube and plastic hose Manual Operation Delivered volume: 375 ml per pump Adapted to drum: 2" gas thread Admitted fluids: diesel and oils Body Ø 85 mm Inlet thread: 1/2"
€34.80 (tax excl.)
Technical data: Media: Oils up to SAE 140 Gasket material: Perbunan Flow rate (I / stroke): 0.1 (approx. 10 I/min) Use: 60 / 200 / 220 Liter Drums Outlet: Plastic nozzle secured with cap nut Surface treatment: All...
€30.00 (tax excl.)
Technical data Raw material: Metal Inner diameter (mm): 35.5 Color: Pantone 294c, satin blue Specification * for containers from 15 to 200 kg * Grease gun support
€188.40 (tax excl.)
Raw material: Metal Inner diameter (mm): 35.5 Weight (kg): 1,270 Specification: * for container from 20 kg to 200 kg * NBR circular rim
€32.40 (tax excl.)
Technical data Raw material: metal Inner diameter 35.5mm Specification: For containers from 5 to 200 kg. Adjustable on drums of various sizes Fastening support with butterfly screws to fix the pump
€69.00 (tax excl.)
Max working pressure (bar): 550 Working temperature (°C): +60 Connection 1: G 1/8'' Connection 2: Nozzle for hydraulic Lubricationnipples, DIN 71412 Suitable temperatures: NLGI 2 greases Specification: * Rigid elbow...
€132.00 (tax excl.)
High quality, light and silent cart three wheels Two pneumatic wheels Adjustable handlebar Hose hanging anchor Suitable for mounting reels, electric oil pumps and pneumatic pumps Anti-drip tray integrated into the...
€297.60 (tax excl.)
Digital counter for lubrication systems. Applies to NLGI 2 greases Measurement units: Liters or cm³ Flow rate 0-1000 (l-cm³ Working pressure 700 bar Burst pressure 1000 bar Service temperature -20ºC / 60ºC Inlet and...
€720.00 (tax excl.)
Technical data : Connection: G 1/2" Fluid measurement: viscous mineral oils and fluid greases, SAE 5 – 50 engine oil, SAE 80 – 240 gear oil. Viscosity (mPa s): 50 ÷ 50000 Flow rate (l/min): 1.5 ÷ 15 Pressure loss...
€375.00 (tax excl.)
Open reel for high pressure Lubricationhose. Hose type SAE-100R2 1.5 m connection hose. 1/4" male input connection. 1/4" swivel female outlet Possibility of 10 or 15 meters of hose.
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Grease pump on tank. Buy with Free Shipping from €200

A reservoir Lubricationpump is a specific type of Lubricationpump used to supply lubricant from a centralized reservoir to multiple lubrication points in a machinery or equipment system. This configuration is commonly known as a centralized lubrication system. The operation can be in several ways, manual, using a lever, crank or pedal, electrical, by giving tension to a motor or pneumatic, using compressed air.

In a reservoir Lubricationpump system, the lubricant is stored in a central reservoir, which can be variable in size depending on the needs of the system. The Lubricationpump is mounted directly on the tank and is responsible for sucking the lubricant from the tank and supplying it through a network of pipes to the different lubrication points.

Normally the tank is associated with a tracking plate, intended to prevent the Lubricationfrom sticking to the walls of the tank. In this way, all the fat is used. This type of centralized lubrication system is particularly useful in industrial environments where there are multiple lubrication points dispersed over a large area. By using a centralized reservoir, the lubrication process is simplified and streamlined, eliminating the need for operators to carry lubricant to each point individually.

The tank Lubricationpump can be equipped with different types of controllers, such as timers, pressure sensors or level switches, which allow controlling the frequency and amount of lubricant supplied to each lubrication point. This guarantees precise and adequate lubrication for each component of the machinery or equipment.

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