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€267.41 (tax incl.)
€221.00 (tax excl.)
The VNKR OMR hydraulic motor is characterized by its ability to work smoothly and safely at high pressures, with great efficiency and long life. Low pressure start. Special design, provides long life. Compact volume...
€227.30 (tax incl.)
€187.85 (tax excl.)
VNKP OMP hydraulic motor with great power and low weight. It can be used in series or parallel. Speeds from 50 to 400 cm3/rev. Oil temperature between 20ºC and 60ºC max 90ºC. A 10-30 micron return filter is...
€664.59 (tax incl.)
€549.25 (tax excl.)
VNKT OMT hydraulic motor Ø40 shaft Gedoler gear system. Flow distribution disc and work at high pressures. Low pressure start. Smooth, reliable operation and great efficiency. The Ø40 output shaft allows for large...
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A wide range of hydraulic motors available for all industrial sectors such as agriculture, naval, mining, industrial, etc., both for open and closed circuits.

The type of hydraulic motors depends on both the client's application and the necessary features of the equipment to be served, with gear motors being supplied.

Likewise, these motors have a wide range of accessories: integrated pressure regulation, integrated flow regulators, motor brakes, single pressure limiters, integrated double pressure limiters, inserted manual distributors, both straight and rotary, NG-6 base plates for assembly of valves and solenoid valves NG-6

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