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    <h2><strong>Stabilus Lift or Mat Gas Shock Absorbers Springs.</strong> Buy online at the best price</h2> <h3 class="MsoNormal">What is a Stabilus shock absorber or spring?</h3> <p class="MsoNormal">A gas spring, gas piston, gas spring, hydraulic spring or shock absorber, has many definitions, it is an element that uses the force of a gas, generally nitrogen to effect a force. This gas (nitrogen) is compressed within a cylinder or sheath, sealed by a sliding piston, which uses pneumatic power to generate an opposing force, similar to that of a spring, that force is soft and controlled.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">It is loaded with more or less gas depending on the force it has to exert. This force is expressed in Newtons and is vital to know the force at which it will work. Gas shock absorbers are used when it is necessary to lift, move or lift heavy items and are used as a counterweight during lifting and allow the lifting force to be maintained without assistance.</p> <h3 class="MsoNormal">Types of Stabilus gas springs</h3> <ul><li><strong>Conventional springs or shock absorbers</strong> : The Conventional shock absorbers of the LIFT-TO-MAT series do not have any mechanism, they work by the force of the gas described above.</li> <li><strong>Shock absorbers or lockable springs</strong> of the BLOC-O-LIFT series is a type of spring that incorporates a valve at the tip of the stem, of which until it is activated, the spring remains immobile. Once activated, the spring begins to work like a conventional spring.</li> </ul><h3 class="MsoNormal">Applications or uses of Stabilus shock absorbers</h3> <p class="MsoNormal">The applications of stabilus gas springs are very varied, from doors and trunks in the automotive sector, doors for furniture, gym equipment, stretchers, seats, exhibition cases and refrigerated furniture. These are some of the applications of stabilus springs.</p> <p class="MsoNormal">The most common uses of gas shock absorbers are: folding canapes for beds, sanitary beds, car trunks, car hoods, motorcycle and scooter seats, truck and bus radiator grilles, van doors, car beds and camper roofs. caravans, bus or airplane seats, refrigerated display cases, supermarket displays, folding beds on yachts and cruise ships, garbage containers.</p> <p class="MsoNormal"><strong>We have the entire catalog of Stabilus shock absorbers. A very wide range. Ask us any reference</strong></p>


    <h2>Hydraulic Shock Absorbers. Buy online at the best price</h2><p> Hydraulic shock absorbers are mechanical devices used to reduce vibration and shaking in machines, vehicles and other equipment. They work by absorbing and dissipating the kinetic energy generated by the movement of the equipment or vehicle, converting it into heat that is dissipated into the environment.</p><p> A hydraulic shock absorber is made up of a cylinder and a piston that moves inside the cylinder. The cylinder is filled with a hydraulic fluid, usually oil, which flows through a series of holes and valves in the piston. When the piston moves, oil is forced through the orifices and valves, creating resistance and dissipating the kinetic energy of the movement. There are models that have a regulator to be able to vary the deceleration force at will.</p><p> There is a wide variety of hydraulic shock absorbers for each type of application, depending on the size and the deceleration force it has to withstand. For great efforts, the shock absorber is accompanied by a spring. The most common fixing system is using 2 nuts, since the body is externally threaded throughout its entire body.</p><p> Hydraulic dampers are used in a wide variety of applications to reduce speed and vibration in mechanical systems and structures.</p><p> Some of the most common applications of hydraulic shock absorbers include:</p><ul style="list-style-type:disc;"><li> <strong>Vehicle Suspension Systems:</strong> Hydraulic shock absorbers are used in vehicle suspension systems to reduce the impact of road irregularities on the vehicle and improve stability and control.</li><li> <strong>Construction Equipment and Heavy Machinery:</strong> Hydraulic shock absorbers are used on construction equipment and heavy machinery to reduce vibration and the impact of heavy loads on the structure.</li><li> <strong>Vehicle Brake Systems:</strong> Hydraulic shock absorbers are used in vehicle brake systems to reduce the pressure and velocity of fluid in the system, thereby improving brake effectiveness.</li><li> <strong>Doors and gates:</strong> Hydraulic dampers are used in doors and gates to reduce the speed of closing and opening and prevent damage to the structure.</li><li> <strong>Building Damping Systems:</strong> Hydraulic dampers are used in building damping systems to reduce vibration and impact from seismic movements.</li><li> <strong>Machine tools and machining equipment:</strong> Hydraulic shock absorbers are used in machine tools and machining equipment to reduce vibration and improve the precision of operation. It is ideal for cutting in the glass handling industry.</li></ul><p> In general, hydraulic shock absorbers are used in any application where speed, vibration and impact reduction on a mechanical system or structure is required.</p>


    <h2>Anti-vibration mounts or Silent block. Buy online at the best price</h2> <p>Anti-vibration mounts or Silent bloc is a term that refers to a piece of rubber that is used as a suspension and isolation element in mechanical systems. These rubber parts are designed to absorb vibrations and reduce noise generated by the movement of mechanical components.</p> <p>Silent blocks are commonly used in vehicle suspension, as part of the engine suspension system, to reduce vibration and noise. They are also used in other mechanical systems, such as the suspension of construction equipment, heavy machinery, and power transmission systems.</p> <p>Most silent blocks are made of rubber and consist of an outer casing and a metal core that clips through the casing. Silent blocks can be designed to be completely rigid or have some flexibility in the rubber to allow a certain degree of movement.</p> <p>There is a wide variety of models, which satisfy most of the required applications. We can have both male and female threads for its support and we have a model for each type of load or weight that it must support. Anti-vibration mounts can be made of different materials such as rubber, neoprene, polyurethane, steel, among others. The choice of material will depend on the working conditions and the type of vibration isolated.</p> <p>Anti-vibration mounts are used in various applications, such as heavy machinery, compressors, pumps, motors, refrigeration equipment, ventilation systems, among others. Its use helps protect machinery and the structure that surrounds it, reducing noise and vibration levels and improving the quality of the work environment.</p> <p>In summary, silent blocks are rubber elements used in mechanical systems to absorb vibrations and reduce the noise generated by the movement of mechanical components.</p>


    <h2>Metallic Shock Absorbers. Buy online at the best price</h2><p> A metal damper is a mechanical component used to reduce low-frequency vibration and oscillation of a mechanical system, such as a vehicle or industrial machine. It is also known as a shock absorber or shock absorber.</p><p> The metal shock absorber is made up of a central rubber part and is surrounded by a spring, which we can choose in various diameters to absorb different intensities of vibrations. These springs can be changed to obtain a wide range of loads and also change the number of springs.</p><p> These springs are shot-blasted carbon steel, with a 99.99% electrolytic zinc plating treatment. It is also possible, upon request, to carry out a second epoxy treatment to guarantee protection in extremely aggressive environments. This entire process ensures a practically unlimited life of the spring.</p><p> Metal shock absorbers are commonly used in vehicle suspension systems to reduce vibration and road impact, improving the comfort and safety of the driver and passengers. They are also used in industrial machines to reduce vibration and impact that can damage mechanical parts and affect the precision of manufacturing processes.</p><p> Other applications would be: Ventilation boxes, air conditioners, compressors, cooling units, inertia benches, humidifiers, motor-pumps, vibrating screens, generator sets, etc...</p><p> There is the type of metal shock absorber with a double base. The main advantage is the large deflection and low natural frequency that it offers, which allows us to isolate all types of machinery with low frequency or low cycle work regime. It can be insulated from 450 kg.</p>


    <p>Elastic mounts are mechanical devices designed to absorb vibrations and reduce the transmission of noise and vibration between two surfaces. They are composed of a base and an elastic element that can be made of rubber, neoprene, spring or any other material that has vibration absorption properties.</p><p> Elastic supports are commonly used in industrial applications such as heavy machinery, engines, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) equipment, piping systems and building structures. They are also used in the manufacturing of electronic equipment and in the automotive industry to reduce noise and vibrations.</p><p> The choice of type of elastic support will depend on the specific application and the vibration and noise requirements. Elastic supports can be designed to work in compression, tension or shear, and their load capacity can vary from a few kilos to several tons.</p><p> Marine elastic support refers to a load support system that uses elastic elements in its design to provide smooth, vibration-resistant suspension in marine environments. These mounts are commonly used in marine applications, such as suspending engines, generators, navigation equipment and other equipment on ships and offshore platforms.</p><p> Marine elastic supports can be made from materials such as rubber, polyurethane or stainless steel and are designed to support loads of different weights and sizes. These mounts help reduce the impact of vibrations and noise on the equipment and structure of the ship or platform, which in turn can improve the life of the equipment and reduce maintenance costs.</p><p> In general, the use of marine elastic supports is an important technique to ensure the safety and efficiency of marine equipment in operation.</p>

The range of products that Disumtec has in the damping family includes: industrial hydraulic dampers, heavy duty dampers, elevator dampers, hydraulic brakes, speed controllers, rotary dampers, silent-blocks and components for transfer systems.

We have STABILUS gas springs (world leader in the manufacture of springs for industrial applications), with a wide range of dimensions and forces, both in non-stop, as well as blocked and combined elements.

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