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€10.56 (tax excl.)
Continuously manufactured tube for compressed air and water, with high performance and resistance to abrasion. It is mainly used in compressors for public works and drilling machinery. Also for pumping fluids. Inner...
€60.00 (tax excl.)
Flat hose for fire fighting systems. Made of rubber with polyester textile reinforcement. Maximum resistance and duration. Water transportation in general. Working pressure 15 bar. Temperature -20ºC / 80ºC Complies...
€61.50 (tax excl.)
Hose for compressed air and derivatives made of resistant thermorubber Inner tube: Thermorubber. Reinforcement: Polyester textile, high tensile strength. Cover: Thermorubber and Polymers. Service pressure: 20 bar...
€54.75 (tax excl.)
Inner tube in Ester SH-85A based polyurethane. Textile Reinforcement. Covered in Ester-based polyurethane. Working temperature: -40ºC to +60ºC. Safety factor 4:1 working pressure. Abrasion high resistance. Good...
€1.65 (tax excl.)
Hose for air and water manufactured continuously, with smooth black NR/SBR rubber interior resistant to oil mist, high tenacity synthetic braiding and smooth black SBR rubber exterior. Data sheet: Intended for the...
€900.00 (tax excl.)
NBR/PVC Braided Tube Abrasion resistant. Pressures 16 bar. Burst pressure 60 bar. Temperature -20 / 110 ºC. Self-retractable hose for self-locking fitting, without clamps. Simplicity of assembly. Different colors 1/4...
€5.50 (tax excl.)
Threaded hose fitting. Made of zinc plated steel. Ideal for large diameters.
€2.50 (tax excl.)
• AISI 304 stainless steel mesh with 7 threads that make it especially resistant to torsion.• EPDM rubber inner tube.• Nominal pressure 10 Bars (PN 10).• Maximum working temperature: 90°C.
€1.14 (tax excl.)
Swivel female fitting for sanitary stainless steel hoses used in all bathrooms, heaters and sanitary water systems Swivel female fitting. Nickel-plated brass fitting. Flat EPDM rubber gasket. Nominal Pressure 10 bar...
€1.00 (tax excl.)
Bell to press sanitary hoses. . Made of 304 INOX steel Nominal pressure 10 bar Max. temperature 90ºC
€6.10 (tax excl.)
Non-toxic hose for agri-food industrial cleaning. Ideal for slaughterhouses. Medium pressure cleaning. Inner tube in white flexible food grade PVC. Polyester textile reinforcement with PVC layers Outer cover in...
€1.21 (tax excl.)
W2 reinforced clamp. Manufactured according to DIN 3017 Zinc plated steel screw Tape and head in stainless steel X6Cr17 (DIN 1.4016) (AISI-430) Wide range of diameters.
€24.12 (tax excl.)
Food tube for aspiration Non-toxic tube made of mandrel for suction and delivery of food liquids, such as: milk, oil, wine, juice and beer. Maximum suction 90%. Interior sterilization with soda (5%) and steam up to...
€16.63 (tax excl.)
Non-toxic tube made of mandrel for the delivery of food liquids, such as: milk, oil, wine, juice and beer. Interior sterilization with soda (5%) and steam up to 120ºC (for a maximum of 30 minutes). Phthalate-free...
€15.66 (tax excl.)
Food hose for steam Mandrel-built hose for hot water and steam. Used for any type of cleaning, especially in the food industry. Interior sterilization with soda (5%). Phthalate-free hose. Temperature -40ºC / 120ºC....
€2.99 (tax excl.)
The hose made of flexible PVC with a galvanized steel reinforcing spiral is used for the suction and delivery of all types of industrial liquids, including chemicals and food. Technical information: Smooth interior...
€5.09 (tax excl.)
Nylon cable tie made of polyamide 6.6 Easy and safe assembly. UV resistance. Temperature -40 / 85ºC Available in various colors, black, white, red, yellow, green, blue. Supplied in bags of 100 units.
€0.38 (tax excl.)
High performance W2 endless clamp. They are ideal for the automotive and industrial world. Complies with DIN-3017 Standard Available in a wide range of diameters. Strap width 9mm. For max. tightening 4 Nm. Zinc plated...
€42.14 (tax excl.)
PVC hose Inner tube: Smooth transparent PVC tube, very flexible. Reinforcement: Polyester Textile. Cover: Smooth transparent PVC tube, very flexible. Service temperature: -20ºC to +60ºC. APPLICATIONS: Compressed air,...
€56.00 (tax excl.)
High performance cleaning gun. Handle and coating in blue EPDM. Brass Body. Stainless steel handle impeller. Regulation of the outlet jet (fan). Temperature 100ºC (no steam) Pressure 25 bar. 1/2" female thread. Weight...
€5.92 (tax excl.)
Union fitting for threaded hose. Made of zinc plated steel. Ideal for large diameters.
€6.68 (tax excl.)
Double spigot fitting to join hoses. Made of zinc plated steel. Ideal for large diameters.
€3.47 (tax excl.)
Manguera de EPDM lisa fabricado en continuo, de gran resistencia al envejecimiento y a la intemperie, ligero y manejable, especialmente diseñado para la conducción de aire comprimido en minería, obras públicas, agua,...
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Hoses for Water and Air. Buy online at the best price

Air and water hoses are flexible tubes designed to transport air or water from one place to another . They are made of strong and durable materials to withstand pressure and resist wear.

Air hoses are usually made of NBR, polyurethane, PVC, thermorubber or EPDM, they withstand medium pressures and temperatures. Widely used in any industry where there is compressed air, automotive auxiliary, agricultural machinery and fumigation. They comply with the TS 6098 and ISO 1307 standards.

There is a type of hose called self-retractable, it is a type of hose that has the ability to automatically contract to its original length after being used. This design makes it easy to store and prevents the hose from becoming tangled or dirty.

Water hoses are used to transport water in general in firefighting systems. They are made of rubber with polyester textile reinforcement, maximum resistance and durability, they have a working pressure of 15 bar and withstand a temperature of -20ºC / 80ºC. Complies with the UNE-23-091-90 standard -2nd AENOR certificate.

Other hoses are used to transport water and are approved by the food industry. With pressurized waterWidely used for cleaning rooms and slaughterhouses. They are made of a flexible white food-grade PVC inner tube, they have a polyester textile reinforcement with PVC layers and an outer cover in blue, stain-resistant, flexible PVC. They hold a max pressure. 80 bar.

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