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The SCL elastic supports work under compression, since due to their design and assembly they achieve an anti-rebound effect, allowing for safety assemblies. Standard hardness 60 Shore. Consult other hardnesses....
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Elastic support B Rectangular construction. Used in machinery for elevators and motors. Hardness 55 Shore. Load of 200 or 600 Kg.
€32.00 (tax excl.)
Marine elastic support. Hardness 65 Shöre (consult other hardnesses) Its design allows great elasticity in the 3 axes, vertical, longitudinal and lateral. Anticorrosive treatment, ideal for outdoor work. The upper...
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Elastic mounts are mechanical devices designed to absorb vibrations and reduce the transmission of noise and vibration between two surfaces. They are composed of a base and an elastic element that can be made of rubber, neoprene, spring or any other material that has vibration absorption properties.

Elastic supports are commonly used in industrial applications such as heavy machinery, engines, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) equipment, piping systems and building structures. They are also used in the manufacturing of electronic equipment and in the automotive industry to reduce noise and vibrations.

The choice of type of elastic support will depend on the specific application and the vibration and noise requirements. Elastic supports can be designed to work in compression, tension or shear, and their load capacity can vary from a few kilos to several tons.

Marine elastic support refers to a load support system that uses elastic elements in its design to provide smooth, vibration-resistant suspension in marine environments. These mounts are commonly used in marine applications, such as suspending engines, generators, navigation equipment and other equipment on ships and offshore platforms.

Marine elastic supports can be made from materials such as rubber, polyurethane or stainless steel and are designed to support loads of different weights and sizes. These mounts help reduce the impact of vibrations and noise on the equipment and structure of the ship or platform, which in turn can improve the life of the equipment and reduce maintenance costs.

In general, the use of marine elastic supports is an important technique to ensure the safety and efficiency of marine equipment in operation.

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