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The V-Ring is a seal made of elastomer mounted on the shaft. The lip seals against the wall, which is crossed by the shaft. These characteristics allow us to find simple and effective solutions to seal bearings on...
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V-Ring joints. Buy at the best price

V-Rings are elastomer rings that provide sealing of the rotating axles in the absence of pressure. As is the case of a retainer. They are used to ensure the seal against dust, mud, water, oil, etc. The V-Ring joint remains stable on the shaft, rotates with it and is commonly used in the machine tool, household appliances, electric motors, and switches sectors. , mining, cars…

It has a dynamic closure, which is made from the flexible lip that rests on the metal part orthogonal to the axis of rotation. While it is in this rotation process, the centrifugal force projects the droplets away from the device, thus preventing their exit towards the surface that must be protected.

The V-Ring gasket also makes a combination of lip closure and the mechanical and centrifugal effect against external agents, whether liquid or solid. V-Rings have very characteristic advantages, such as supporting the joint and the shaft, due to their low friction. The finish of the metal parts does not require a high degree of surface treatments. Made of NBR, they have a hardness of 50 Shore and can withstand temperatures between -20ºC / 100ºC

Its use is widespread in all types of industry and machinery and its assembly is very simple and the cost is low.

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