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    <h2>Locline Joint system for hoses and pipes</h2><p> The LOCLINE articulated flexible joint system is used to convey or suck up liquids and also to suck up dust, vapor and smoke. Its system can be lengthened or shortened as desired, thanks to its easy assembly based on inserting vertebrae. Said assembly, whether manual or using a special tool, is easy and simple, it guarantees that we can keep the tube in the exact point we need to place it. It remains stable at 1 meter in length. They come in various colors orange, blue and black.</p><p> The LOCLINE system is resistant to vibrations, has a long life due to its vertebrae system, and is completely airtight. The particular design maintains the diameter of the tube without interference in the flow of the fluid. It does not crush and is not a conductor of electricity. It has a melting point of 165ºC. The working temperature is 75ºC. The material is resistant to most chemicals and solvents.</p><p> It is made with acetal copolymer. This material is not fire retardant. The black tube is characterized by dissipating static electricity. The LOCLINE system is widely used in these types of applications, welding fumes, rectifiers, electro-erosion, wood machining, extraction of odors and fumes in chemical plants, extraction of microfog, graphite and dust in machining processes, machine tool cooling .</p>


    <h2>Compressed Air Spirals. Buy online at the best price</h2><p> <strong>Compressed air coils</strong> are components used in compressed air systems to provide flexibility and absorb vibrations. These spirals, also known as compressed air spiral hoses, are common in industrial applications and are used to connect pneumatic tools, equipment, and other devices to the compressed air source.</p><p> These spirals are usually <strong>made of pressure- and abrasion-resistant materials</strong> , usually polyamide and polyurethane, which allows them to withstand the pressure of compressed air and resist wear in industrial environments. They are also flexible and can be easily rolled or unrolled, making them easy to use and store.</p><p> Polyamide spirals have a high elastic return. High mechanical resistance. Excellent thermal properties: -40ºC to +120ºC. Great resistance to chemical agents. Electrical and thermal insulator. Little water absorption. Low gas permeability. Polyurethane spirals turn out to be the ideal material for the production of spiral tubes, due to their rubber-like flexibility, weight 1/3 less and last 5 times longer.</p><p> It has low resistance to extension force, which reduces operator effort. Easy to handle. Compact, reduced external diameter. Excellent resistance to chemical agents, oxidants, hydrolysis and ozone. Anti-abrasion. Lightness and flexibility. Working temperature: from -40ºC to +82ºC. Working pressure: 10 bar. It is supplied assembled with rotating fittings at the ends. Applications of compressed air spirals: Covers a large part of the applications in the pneumatics sector, and also other uses such as laboratories, instrumentation, etc.</p><p> Especially indicated for use in pneumatic hand tools, where ergonomics is increasingly sought. There are also double spirals, for double circulation of the fluid, they are identified by different colors, in this way we can separate the different fluids that can circulate and not mix them and have them identified. Compressed air spirals are used in all industrial sectors, workshops and services where flexibility is needed for operations through compressed air.</p>


    <h2>Accessories for hoses and pipes. Buy online at the best price</h2><p></p><p> Accessories for pipes and hoses are all the elements that help and complement the fastening, manipulation, connection and implementation in all the circuits where they are installed.</p><p> We can distinguish in several categories:</p><p> <strong>Fastening:</strong> these are elements also called flanges. They hold the hoses to the spigots using a strap and screw, they can be made of different materials, they are reusable and economical. The DIN 2817 clamp is a type of clamp used in industrial applications, especially in piping systems. The DIN 2817 standard specifies the characteristics and dimensions of these clamps, and is part of the German standards (DIN) that establish technical standards. These clamps are often used to connect hoses in fluid transport systems, such as in the chemical, petrochemical industry or in refrigeration systems. DIN 2817 provides details on the design and dimensions of clamps to ensure compatibility and safety in your application.</p><p> A nylon cable tie generally refers to a clamp or fastener made of nylon, a thermoplastic polymer. These flanges are known for their durability, corrosion resistance, and ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. They are commonly used to organize and secure cables in electrical installations, as well as in a variety of industrial applications. Nylon cable ties are usually available in different lengths and colors to suit various needs. They can be used to hold and secure cables, tubes or other elements in a safe and orderly manner. Additionally, the nylon material provides these cable ties with chemical and weather resistance.</p><p> <strong>Handling:</strong> Pliers and cutting clamps are responsible for measuring and establishing an ideal and straight cut. The cutting blade is completely interchangeable. They are usually metallic.</p>


    <h2>Pipes for compressed air. Buy online at the best price</h2><p> Flexible compressed air tubes are used to transport air or any pressurized fluid or gas safely and efficiently. These tubes are usually made of a wide variety of materials depending on the conditions in which they work. Some important characteristics to consider when choosing a flexible hose for compressed air include working pressure, maximum allowable temperature, flexibility and resistance to abrasion and the environment where you will work.</p><p> It is also essential to ensure that the tube complies with the applicable safety regulations and standards in each of the applications where it will be installed. The materials according to these conditions can be polyamide, polyurethane, PTFE, silicone, sinflex dekabon, PVDF, polyethylene, PVC. All of them with several options to be able to supply.</p><p> There is a wide range of accessories to connect compressed air pipes, allowing you to quickly and easily connect and disconnect the pipes with these accessories. Flexible compressed air tubes are used in any industry, workshop, or any sector on the market since it is essential and basic for the transportation of compressed air.</p>


    <h2>Hydrocarbon hoses. Buy online at the best price</h2><p> Hydrocarbon hoses are important components in transportation, circulation and distribution systems for fuels and derivatives. These hoses are specifically designed for the safe and efficient handling of petroleum products, such as gasoline, diesel, and other hydrocarbons such as mineral greases or mineral oils.</p><p> These hoses are typically made from chemical and weather resistant materials to ensure durability and safety. They are made with an outer cover that allows them to be protected from external people and the elements. A spiral textile mesh reinforcement and the inner cover where the liquid circulates, made of synthetic rubber, NBR or other materials suitable for the liquid that has to circulate.</p><p> They may also have features such as electrical conductors to prevent the build-up of static charge, which could be dangerous in fuel handling environments.</p><p> It is important to select hoses that comply with applicable regulations and safety standards, such as those established by regulatory bodies and specific certifications for the hydrocarbon industry. Additionally, regular maintenance and inspection of these hoses is essential to prevent possible leaks or damage.</p><p> These hydrocarbon hoses are used in many industries and in different applications such as: tanker trucks, ships, gas stations, agricultural sector, hydraulics, etc.</p>


    <h2>Hoses for liquids. Buy online at the best price</h2><p> <strong>Liquid hoses</strong> are flexible tubes designed to transport various types of liquids. They can be used in industrial, commercial and domestic applications. Some common types of liquid hoses include:</p><ul style="list-style-type:disc;"><li> Garden Hoses: Used for watering and garden applications.</li><li> Industrial hoses: Designed to handle liquids in industrial environments.</li><li> Food hoses: Made with food-safe materials and used in the food industry, approved according to FDA food standard 177/2600. Built in a mandrel for the impulsion or aspiration of food liquids, such as: milk, oil, wine, juice and beer.</li><li> Fuel hoses: Specific to transport fuels safely.</li><li> Drinking water hoses: Made with materials that are safe for human consumption. Made of PVC DM4.04.85 for food use according to ISO 1307 standards. EEC DIRECTIVE 90/128.</li><li> Transfer hoses: Made of PVC for suction and delivery, especially used in the agricultural world. Ideal for outdoor work.</li></ul><p> When choosing a hose, it is important to consider the type of liquid it will transport, the pressure to which it will be subjected, the temperature and whether it will work outdoors.</p>


    <h2>Aeration Hoses. Buy online at the best price</h2><p> <strong>Suction and aeration hoses</strong> are components used in various contexts, such as in industrial suction systems, in the agricultural industry for the transfer of liquids, or in ventilation systems, among others. These hoses are made of plastic materials such as polyurethane, PVC, fiberglass or silicone, among others, and have a spiral-shaped core, responsible for giving them very good flexibility and resistance.</p><p> These aeration hoses are very flexible and resistant. They are suitable for the circulation of any gas, solid products such as chips, water, etc. due to the wide range of materials from which it is constructed. They can withstand very high temperatures up to 270º C. Ideal for the ceramic, paper, steel and blast furnace industries. Also supports abrasive agents. We also supply this type of atox hoses suitable for contact with food products.</p><p> There is a wide variety of diameters in all models.</p>


    <h2>Hoses for Water and Air. Buy online at the best price</h2><p> <strong>Air and water hoses are flexible tubes designed to transport air or water from one place to another</strong> . They are made of strong and durable materials to withstand pressure and resist wear.</p><p> Air hoses are usually made of NBR, polyurethane, PVC, thermorubber or EPDM, they withstand medium pressures and temperatures. Widely used in any industry where there is compressed air, automotive auxiliary, agricultural machinery and fumigation. They comply with the TS 6098 and ISO 1307 standards.</p><p> There is a type of hose called self-retractable, it is a type of hose that has the ability to automatically contract to its original length after being used. This design makes it easy to store and prevents the hose from becoming tangled or dirty.</p><p> Water hoses are used to transport water in general in firefighting systems. They are made of rubber with polyester textile reinforcement, maximum resistance and durability, they have a working pressure of 15 bar and withstand a temperature of -20ºC / 80ºC. Complies with the UNE-23-091-90 standard -2nd AENOR certificate.</p><p> Other hoses are used to transport water and are approved by the food industry. With pressurized waterWidely used for cleaning rooms and slaughterhouses. They are made of a flexible white food-grade PVC inner tube, they have a polyester textile reinforcement with PVC layers and an outer cover in blue, stain-resistant, flexible PVC. They hold a max pressure. 80 bar.</p>


    <h2>Hoses for chemical products. Buy online at the best price</h2><p></p><p> <strong>Hoses used to handle chemicals</strong> are often designed with specific materials to resist corrosion and chemical reactions.</p><p> Some <strong>points to consider</strong> when looking for chemical hoses are:</p><ul style="list-style-type:disc;"><li> <strong>Material of construction:</strong> Make sure the hose is made of materials compatible with the chemicals you will be handling. They are usually UPE rubber, PVDF or some EPDM derivative.</li><li> <strong>Chemical resistance:</strong> You must verify the specifications and the degree of concentration of the fluid that will be circulated to ensure that it is suitable for the specific products that you will handle. If the concentration is not very high, various types of hoses may be suitable, but if the concentration is very high, contact us to advise your application.</li><li> <strong>Working pressure:</strong> Working pressure is important, the hose can have several options, with one mesh or two intermediate meshes to ensure it is compatible with your applications.</li><li> <strong>Temperature:</strong> Consider the working temperature, as some chemicals may require hoses capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.</li></ul>


    <h2>Protective covers for hoses, pipes and hoses</h2><p> Protective covers for hoses, tubes and hoses are accessories designed to protect against possible external damage. These covers are typically made from strong, durable materials to provide an extra layer of protection. They can be used in a variety of applications, specifically in industrial environments or outdoors.</p><p> When it comes to protective sleeves for hoses, it is important to consider the type of hose, tube or hose, you want to protect and the environment in which it will be used. There are different sizes and materials available, such as silicone covers, for very high temperatures, heat shrinkable, fabric braids, wires among other options.</p><p> The silicone protection sleeve is ideal for protection against high temperatures, making it ideal for use in protecting hoses, wiring and pipe lines. The sleeve is made of insulating fiberglass braided fabric that is heavily coated with 100% silicone rubber. It can withstand up to +850ºC of ambient temperature and +260ºC of direct continuous heat, which makes it perfect for insulation. Resistant to oil and water.</p><p> It adapts to the most demanding curves. Protection against the fire. Insulates fuel lines. Protects against dirt. The protection springs for hoses are made of galvanized steel and are placed in the high-pressure hydraulic hoses, they protect against blows, severe friction and prevent bending radii in the hoses. They can be used with several hoses together by adapting the diameter of the spring.</p><p> Protective covers are used in any industrial sector where external protection of tubes and hoses is required, steel industry, ovens, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, etc.</p><h3> Buy protective covers for hoses at the best price with 24/48 hour shipping</h3>

Disumtec markets a wide range of technical industrial hoses, in rolls and by cutting, manufactured in various materials depending on the fluid we want to conduct and the uses for which it is designed. These can be made of polyurethane, rubber, PVC, or composite, combining them to satisfy the most demanding needs.

Technical rubber and composite hoses for loading and unloading all types of fluids, with the possibility of assembly with any connection, whether camlock, guillemin or storz. Various applications, for suction and delivery of: Hydrocarbons, oil, gas, water and air, cement, abrasive materials, food, chemicals, paints, etc...

Air or aeration hoses are widely used in industrial installations, air conditioning, smoke outlets and ventilation in general. Made of both PVC and Polyurethane, with different reinforcing spirals. Availability of high temperature steam hoses and vacuum hoses.

At Disumtec we have hoses for liquids used in all types of applications, industrial, agricultural, food, etc. Hoses for liquids are made of both PVC and rubber depending on the product. Flat hoses also available for the agricultural sector.

We have the most complete range to cover any type of hose or hose. Covers with high resistance to abrasion and breakage, protection against fire, covers for grouping tubes, etc...

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