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€11.40 (tax excl.)
Gasket formed by two pieces, a PTFE slip ring, and an NBR O-ring as a tightening element. High resistance to pressures. Little friction. Speed 5 m/s. Temperature -30ºC / 100ºC IF YOU DO NOT FIND THE DESIRED...
€7.80 (tax excl.)
Compact seal formed by an elastomer sealing element, reinforced with fabric, and two guide and anti-extrusion rings. Speed 0.5 m/s. Temperature -30ºC / 100ºC When selecting the thickness, it refers to the "L" housing...
€44.10 (tax excl.)
Complete piston seal with a steel body and NBR sealing lips reinforced with a spring. Hardness 90 Shore Speed: 0.5 m/s. Temperature -30ºC / 100ºC. IF YOU DO NOT FIND THE DESIRED MEASUREMENT, CONTACT US
€9.60 (tax excl.)
Piston seal composed of an NBR slip ring, two extrusion rings, and two guide rings. This joint is used as a double-acting joint. The guide rings incorporated in the gasket prevent the possibility of contact between...
€5.40 (tax excl.)
Hallite 506 friction guide band for cylinder piston seals. It has the following features: It incorporates micro-entrances in the surface to trap fluids and self-lubricate. Made of polyester/fabric. Maximum speed 5...
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Piston seals. Buy at the best price

Piston seals are a type of seal used in hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders for fluid sealing . They are housed inside the cylinder head and achieve sealing against the cylinder rod, preventing the fluid from flowing through the cylinder head and one chamber communicating with the other. This allows pressure to be generated on one face of the piston, causing the cylinder to extend or retract.

Piston seals are usually double acting. There is a wide range of piston seals that provide good leakage control. They exist in two pieces, made up of an O-ring or square seal and a guide on the outside. There are those that are made in a single piece, widely used in pneumatic cylinders. There are also 3-piece ones, consisting of an NBR sealing element reinforced with canvas that gives it high mechanical strength and two thermoplastic support guide rings.

The set has very good resistance to abrasion, compact shape and simple installation. Also available are the five-piece ones, consisting of a multi-lip NBR sealing element, two rings on both sides to prevent extrusion in the sealing groove and two other guide rings to absorb transverse forces.

A piston seal is mainly made of NBR + TPE + POM. Manufactured specifically for hydraulic applications, these compounds provide exceptional wear resistance and extraordinary extrusion properties. Compatible with virtually all media, they offer unparalleled performance at extreme temperatures. Effective sealing during vibration and shock loading. Superior sealing effect at high pressures. Maximum sealing efficiency with the least friction.

Piston seals for hydraulic cylinders are used for heavy loads, steel industry, excavators, cranes, naval hydraulics and loading platforms and in general in all types of industries where hydraulic cylinders have applications. Pneumatic piston seals are used in systems where there are low pressure pneumatic cylinders.

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