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€7.74 (tax incl.)
€6.40 (tax excl.)
The protective cover is ideal for protection against high temperatures, something that makes it ideal for use in protecting hoses, wiring and pipe lines. The cover is made of fabric braided insulating fiberglass that...
€6.66 (tax incl.)
€5.50 (tax excl.)
Threaded hose fitting. Made of zinc plated steel. Ideal for large diameters.
€211.75 (tax incl.)
€175.00 (tax excl.)
Tube manufactured continuously, light and flexible. Inner tube in smooth black EPDM. High tenacity synthetic thread reinforcement. EPDM outer sheath blue (oxygen) red (acetylene) orange (propane) Temperature -25 /...
€16.26 (tax incl.)
€13.44 (tax excl.)
The fittings according to EN 14420-5 are valid for the 4-screw safety clamp according to EN 14420-3 (DIN 2817).The fittings to be mounted on this clamp have a smooth or serrated shank with a safety collar where the...
€17.79 (tax incl.)
€14.70 (tax excl.)
Tube made of mandrel for pumping oils, mineral greases and hydrocarbons with aromatic content up to 50%. Frequent use in tank trucks, gas stations, ships, etc. Composition Inner tube: Smooth black NBR synthetic rubber...
€3.91 (tax incl.)
€3.23 (tax excl.)
Delivery hose for oil and diesel. NBR interior, exterior galvanized wire reinforcement. Temperature -30 / 90ºC Pressures: Ø6 to Ø8 25 bar Ø9 to Ø12 20 bar Ø14 to Ø18 15 bar Ø20 and post. 10 bar See other measurements...
€6.16 (tax incl.)
€5.09 (tax excl.)
Nylon cable tie made of polyamide 6.6 Easy and safe assembly. UV resistance. Temperature -40 / 85ºC Available in various colors, black, white, red, yellow, green, blue. Supplied in bags of 100 units.
€0.46 (tax incl.)
€0.38 (tax excl.)
High performance W2 endless clamp. They are ideal for the automotive and industrial world. Complies with DIN-3017 Standard Available in a wide range of diameters. Strap width 9mm. For max. tightening 4 Nm. Zinc plated...
€1.46 (tax incl.)
€1.21 (tax excl.)
W2 reinforced clamp. Manufactured according to DIN 3017 Zinc plated steel screw Tape and head in stainless steel X6Cr17 (DIN 1.4016) (AISI-430) Wide range of diameters.
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Hydrocarbon hoses. Buy online at the best price

Hydrocarbon hoses are important components in transportation, circulation and distribution systems for fuels and derivatives. These hoses are specifically designed for the safe and efficient handling of petroleum products, such as gasoline, diesel, and other hydrocarbons such as mineral greases or mineral oils.

These hoses are typically made from chemical and weather resistant materials to ensure durability and safety. They are made with an outer cover that allows them to be protected from external people and the elements. A spiral textile mesh reinforcement and the inner cover where the liquid circulates, made of synthetic rubber, NBR or other materials suitable for the liquid that has to circulate.

They may also have features such as electrical conductors to prevent the build-up of static charge, which could be dangerous in fuel handling environments.

It is important to select hoses that comply with applicable regulations and safety standards, such as those established by regulatory bodies and specific certifications for the hydrocarbon industry. Additionally, regular maintenance and inspection of these hoses is essential to prevent possible leaks or damage.

These hydrocarbon hoses are used in many industries and in different applications such as: tanker trucks, ships, gas stations, agricultural sector, hydraulics, etc.

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