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    <ul><li><strong>Body: Nickel-plated brass.</strong></li><li> <strong>NBR gaskets.</strong></li><li> <strong>Metal parts in AISI 304 stainless steel.</strong></li><li> <strong>PN 12 bar.</strong></li><li> <strong>Flow rate: 560 l/min.</strong></li><li> <strong>Interchangeable with Rectus 21, Legris 21.</strong></li><li> <strong>Applications: Regulation, instrumentation, control, pneumatic automation, pneumatic tooling.</strong></li></ul>


    <ul><li><strong>Universal quick plug, adaptable to various profiles.</strong></li><li> <strong>Nickel-plated steel body.</strong></li><li> <strong>Spring, stainless steel balls.</strong></li><li> <strong>Interchangeable with RECTUS 22-23-24-26, CEJN 300-310-320, PARKER 30-50, ARO 210.</strong></li><li> <strong>Working temperature -15ºC / 80ºC</strong></li><li> <strong>Max pressure 16 bar.</strong></li><li> <strong>DN-5.5mm</strong></li><li> <strong>High air flow.</strong></li></ul>
  • QUICK COUPLER DN-9 ISO 6150 B-15

    QUICK COUPLER DN-9 ISO 6150 B-15

    <ul><li><strong>UNI ISO 6150 B-15 regulations</strong></li><li> <strong>Temperatures -20 °C +80 °C</strong></li><li> <strong>Nickel-plated brass body.</strong></li><li> <strong>Shutter spring in AISI 302 Steel</strong></li><li> <strong>Compatible with: Rectus 30, Cejn-430, Legris 30, Irm-08. Parker-30</strong></li><li> <strong>DN pitch 9 mm.</strong></li><li> <strong>Working pressure 0-16 bar.</strong></li></ul>


    <ul><li><strong>High flow quick coupling. 3100 l/min (at 6 bar)</strong></li><li> <strong>Max working pressure 35 bar.</strong></li><li> <strong>Temperature -10 / 95ºC</strong></li><li> <strong>Brass body</strong></li><li> <strong>NBR gasket (Possibility of mounting Viton, EPDM, VMQ) <em><span>Contact us</span></em></strong></li><li> <strong>3/4" or 1" female thread</strong></li><li> <strong>For applications where a lot of flow is required.</strong></li><li> <strong>Anti-magnetic properties.</strong></li></ul>

Quick Pneumatic Connectors. Buy them online at the best price

A quick coupler is a component that allows you to quickly connect and disconnect a device where compressed air circulates from a source where there is pressure. It is generally used in industrial applications where frequent and rapid connection and disconnection is required, such as in machinery or mobile equipment.

The quick plug consists of two parts: the male connector and the female connector. The male connector is located on the device, tool or any compressed air inlet device and the female connector is located on the power source. By connecting both connectors, a safe and reliable pressurized air connection is established, where compressed air circulates.

Quick plugs usually have a locking system to ensure a firm connection and prevent accidental disconnections. In addition, they are designed to withstand pressures and offer good resistance to water, dust and vibrations, depending on the environment in which they are used. They can be used with one hand.

It is important to note that terminology may vary by country or industry. Other common names for this type of device are "quick connector," "quick coupler," or "quick hitch connector."

There are several interlocking systems for joining quick couplers:

-Quick couplings with ball closure, the most common model for pneumatic equipment within the industrial field. These models have a group of balls distributed across the crown of the socket, which move outwards when the socket sleeve moves to allow the plug to be inserted. Once in the correct position, we just have to release the sleeve so that the valve is closed.

-Flat-face quick couplings, which feature a shut-off valve on both sides of the plug to minimize pressure drops during operation of pneumatic tools, preventing leaks or air entry during decoupling.

-Quick plugs with Pin-Lock coupling, very practical as they allow connection and connection to be made simply by pushing the plug into the socket, without the need to operate the outer sleeve.

There is a regulation on compressed air quick couplings, so that the profiles match, since there are many types of profiles and they can be interchanged. The most common are ISO 6150 B12, ISO 6150 B15, ISO 4414 etc…

We have a series of quick plugs called “safety” plugs. These plugs prevent anti-whiplash, that is, once disconnected, the accumulated air pressure does not come out suddenly, it comes out little by little. With this we manage to avoid accidents due to the sudden movement of the hoses when the pressurized air suddenly comes out. In the industrial sector they are increasingly used.

There is a series of quick plugs intended for breathing air that have the appropriate certifications. They are made of brass, steel, plastic or stainless steel. They have endless applications and are used in all types of industries.

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