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€1,694.00 (tax incl.)
€1,400.00 (tax excl.)
Features of mobile oil filtering equipment: Steel cart with wheels. 0.75 HP motor (three-phase or single-phase) Gear pump 24 l/min. Suction filter 25 microns. 10 micron delivery filter. Filter dirt indicator. By-pass...
€99.70 (tax incl.)
€82.40 (tax excl.)
Desiccant filters protect industrial equipment from contamination by moisture and contaminating particles. The fluid reservoirs of hydraulic and lubrication systems are always at risk of being contaminated by unwanted...
€121.73 (tax incl.)
€100.60 (tax excl.)
A submerged return filter is a filter that is placed in the return line of a hydraulic system. Its function is to eliminate contaminating particles from the hydraulic fluid that returns to the tank. They are designed...
€10.59 (tax incl.)
€8.75 (tax excl.)
The semi-submerged filter cartridge is an essential part of the hydraulic system. Helps protect pumps, motors and other hydraulic components from contamination. Semi-submerged return filter cartridges are available in...
€26.73 (tax incl.)
€22.09 (tax excl.)
A semi-submerged return filter is a filter used to clean hydraulic oil returning to the reservoir. It is partially submerged in the oil, with the bottom of the filter submerged and the top of the filter out of the...
€26.46 (tax incl.)
€21.87 (tax excl.)
An in-line filter cartridge is a device used to filter fluids, such as water, oil, or air. It is composed of a filter body, a filter element and a gasket. In-line filter cartridges are an efficient and effective way...
€17.30 (tax incl.)
€14.30 (tax excl.)
Filter housing in return line. Made of aluminum. 3/4 and 1-1/4 option Return pressure 1 bar. Burst pressure 20 bar. Temperature 80ºC CHECK PRESSURES AND FLOWS
€48.18 (tax incl.)
€39.82 (tax excl.)
A pressure filter cartridge is used to remove particles and contaminants from a fluid under pressure. The cartridge consists of a filter medium, such as paper, cloth, or fiber. Pressure filter cartridges are used in a...
€77.62 (tax incl.)
€64.15 (tax excl.)
Optical indicator to verify cartridge status. Indicates by differential pressure if the filter is clogged. Interchangeable with electric indicator. Range 5 - 7 bar.
€198.83 (tax incl.)
€164.32 (tax excl.)
A pressure filter is a device that removes impurities from a pressurized fluid, while the filter housing is the outer part of the filter that contains the filter element. The filter housing is usually made of metal or...
€8.00 (tax incl.)
€6.61 (tax excl.)
A suction filter is a device used to remove solid particles from the air or liquid being sucked in. It is placed in the suction line of a pump or compressor to protect the equipment from damage. Data sheet: Submerged...
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Hydraulic oil filters. Buy online at the best price

Oil filters are devices used in the circuits of oleo-hydraulic installations and internal combustion engines to clean the lubricating oil and keep it free of harmful particles. These filters help protect the engine and improve its performance by ensuring that the oil is free of contaminants. Oil filters generally consist of a filter element, a housing and a connection for oil supply and drain.

Types of hydraulic filters:

  • Suction filters; It is a specific type of oil filters that are used in oleo-hydraulic circuits and internal combustion engines. These filters are located in the engine's intake line or circuit and are used to retain larger particles and impurities that can enter the engine's lubrication system. By retaining these particles, oil suction filters help prevent clogging of lubrication lines and protect hydraulic system elements from particle contamination. These filters typically consist of a filter element and a sealed housing that connects to the engine's intake line.
  • Hydraulic pressure filters are devices used in hydraulic systems to retain particles and contaminants from the hydraulic fluid before they reach the critical components of the system, where pressure exists. These filters help ensure that the hydraulic fluid is clean and free of impurities that can cause damage or failure to hydraulic components.
  • Hydraulic return filters are a type of filter that filters hydraulic fluid returning to the tank after having passed through the system components. These filters help protect the hydraulic system by retaining particles and contaminants that may have been generated by system components.
  • Desiccant filters , this type of filtration is produced through silica gel. This application protects equipment from contamination by humidity and contaminating particles.

To identify or warn that a filter is worn or clogged with dirt, there are pressure switches, which emit an electrical signal when there is a pressure differential, and visual indicators. We will see if a filter is clogged when its sphere indicates the saturation level using colors.

Filters have a wide range of fields where they are installed. In all types of industry where there is an oleo-hydraulic circuit. There are also mobile circuit filtering equipment, ideal where there are many components and hydraulic plants.

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