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Volumetric Lubricationdispenser. Buy online at the best price

A volumetric Lubricationdispenser is a device used in industry to supply a precise and measured amount of lubricant or Lubricationto different equipment or machinery. This type of dispenser is based on the fixed volume principle, meaning that it ensures a constant amount of lubricant is delivered in each dispensing cycle.

The volumetric Lubricationdispenser is designed to work with medium or low viscosity lubricants and consists of several main parts. These may include a lubricant storage tank, a volumetric metering system, a metering valve, and a control system.

The lubricant is stored in the reservoir, from where it is fed to the volumetric measurement system. This system is responsible for measuring the precise amount of lubricant required and then delivering it through the metering valve. The metering valve is activated by a control system, which can be manual or automatic, and ensures that the exact amount of lubricant is delivered each cycle.

Volumetric lubrication dispensers can be ordered with 1 or several outlets depending on the points to be lubricated. They are mounted directly to tubes using oval nut fittings and automatic instant insertion fittings. The drives for the volumetric system are carried out by means of electric pumps, pneumatic pumps, manual pumps, direct or indirect action control units and combined electro-pneumatic systems.

The volumetric Lubricationdispenser is widely used in different industries, such as automotive, heavy industry, food industry, agriculture where precise and regular lubrication of equipment and machinery is required to ensure its proper functioning and prolong its useful life.

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