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G LUBE Automatic Lubricator

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€3.20 (tax excl.)
Non-return valve to be placed in GLUBE Lubricationnipples when using oil. It can be placed in three models, 60, 120 or 240 ml.
€28.30 (tax excl.)
Automatic single-point gas greaser. G-LUBE Served empty. Possibility of filling with the fat you want. Can be filled with Lubricationor oil up to NLGI-2 Capacity 120 ml or 240 ml. Programmable from 1 to 12 months, can...
€82.40 (tax excl.)
Desiccant filters protect industrial equipment from contamination by moisture and contaminating particles. The fluid reservoirs of hydraulic and lubrication systems are always at risk of being contaminated by unwanted...
€14.60 (tax excl.)
Support for single-point lubricators. Suitable for all models that have a 1/4 G-LUBE, SOLOLUBE, LUB-5 male outlet Made of stainless steel
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G-LUBE automatic lubricator. Buy online at the best price

The G-LUBE automatic lubricator is an electronically controlled single point lubricator powered by a chemical reaction. Electrochemical process. The dispenser stands out for its easy use and good value for money. This product is the ideal choice for most technical lubrication applications: cheap, reliable, safe and environmentally friendly!

G-LUBE brings together all the advantages of gas-operated lubricators and is an affordable solution for users who want to change manual lubrication to automatic lubrication and also for experts in automatic lubrication systems.

Its operation is based on the proven technology of an electrochemical reaction that generates inert nitrogen (N2) through the systematic use of an electrolyte. Thanks to this type of pressure generation, G-LUBE is more temperature independent than many conventional gas-operated lubricators.

With a pressure generation max. of 5 bars and with ambient temperatures between -20 °C and +55 °C, G- LUBE guarantees reliable operation for a maximum of 12 months. The lubricator is available in three sizes: 60, 120 and 240 ml.

It can be easily filled with oils and greases up to a consistency of NGLI-2. Programming is very simple, using a mobile tab that is inserted into the preselected dosing time. The dispensing time is 1/3/6/9/12 months (can be modified at any time)

The advantages of the G-LUBE lubricator are the following:

  • Accurate and reliable lubricant dispensing
  • Simple application
  • Tool-less activation
  • Eco-friendly product, easy disposal
  • Outdoor use possible
  • Possibility of use in areas with danger of explosion
  • Quick and easy filling
  • Possibility of special fillings

The fields of application of G-LUBE are very broad, for example these would be some applications:

  • Heavy Machinery: Automatic oilers are used on heavy machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes and other construction equipment to lubricate critical components that are constantly moving.
  • Transportation: Automatic oilers are also used in transportation vehicles, such as trucks, buses, and trains, to lubricate suspension components, transmission, and other systems.
  • Industrial machinery: In industry, automatic greasers are used in machinery such as presses, lathes, milling machines, packaging equipment, among others, to lubricate critical components that are constantly moving.
  • Agricultural Equipment: Automatic lubricators are used on agricultural equipment, such as tractors, combines, planters, among others, to lubricate critical components that are constantly moving.
  • Marine Equipment: Automatic oilers are used on ships and boats to lubricate critical components that are constantly moving, such as engines, propellers and pumps.
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