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€120.62 (tax excl.)
PNEUMATIC SCREWDRIVER Pistol type mod. 5010 adjustable clutch, has a torque of 5.1 to 16 Nm Speed 800 rpm 1/4" female threaded air inlet It is recommended to place a 10 mm inner diameter hose.
€135.58 (tax excl.)
STRAIGHT PNEUMATIC SCREWDRIVER WITH ADJUSTABLE CLUTCH MOD.5008 5.1 TO 16 Nm Speed 800 rpm. 1/4 female threaded air inlet. It is recommended to place a 10 mm inner diameter hose.
€24.00 (tax excl.)
Three-phase pressure switch 380V 1/4" thread 4 ways. Regulation 2.5-12 bar. Regulation differential 2 bar.
€20.00 (tax excl.)
Single-phase pressure switch 220V 1/4" thread 4 ways. Regulation 4-12 bar. Regulation differential 2 bar.
€31.90 (tax excl.)
Liquid to detect leaks in gas and compressed air systems. The leak detector spray locates leaks in tanks, pipes, hoses, screwed joints, welded seams, flange joints and faucets. Water-soluble and biodegradable test...
€36.30 (tax excl.)
Compressed air oil gun Tank 1 l. in aluminum. Adjustable nozzle.
€31.90 (tax excl.)
€382.42 (tax excl.)
1/2" RATCHET WRENCH model 9536J Speed 7100 rpm Tightening torque 271 Nm 1/4" air inlet thread It is recommended to use a 10 inner diameter hose.
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Neumatic tools. Buy them online at the best price

Pneumatic tools are tools that use compressed air as a power source to perform a variety of tasks. These tools are very common in industry and in mechanical workshops, as they offer high power and speed compared to hand tools. They are strong, robust and powerful elements.

Regarding their power, they can be classified according to their shaft output square, in tightening tools, ¼, 3/8, ½, ¾, 1” or even more for some high torque applications and tightening of large screws.

Some of the most common pneumatic tools include:

  1. Compressed air guns: these tools are used to paint, apply sealants, lubricants and other products.
  2. Sanders: These tools are used to sand and smooth surfaces. Widely used in the automotive and painting industry
  3. Pneumatic drills: These tools are used to drill holes in wood, metal, and other materials. They can be for vertical work or horizontal work, depending on the work option.
  4. Pneumatic nailers: These tools are used to drive nails into hard, resistant materials. Staplers can also be included
  5. Pneumatic grinders: These tools are used for cutting, sanding and polishing metals and other hard materials. They can be straight grinders or angle grinders.
  6. Pneumatic Impact Wrenches: These tools are used to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts. It is possible to adjust the tightening torque very precisely, for serial work. They can be for vertical work or horizontal work.
  7. Ratchets: These tools are used to tighten or unlock nuts, at low speed and high torque. They are usually layered.
  8. Chisels: This tool The hammer or chisel are pneumatic tools for slicing, breaking or removing remains of different types of materials
  9. Screwdrivers: They can be pistol or straight type depending on where they are going to be used. The drive can be direct or have various types of clutches. Torque repeatability is the factor that frequently determines the type of clutch to use. The more sophisticated the clutch, the less skill is required on the part of the operator to obtain the desired torque. These clutches are divided into three categories: positive, damping and closing.

In general, pneumatic tools are more efficient and more powerful than hand tools, making them ideal for heavy, repetitive work in industry and machine shops. However, they also require an air compressor to operate, which can be a disadvantage in some work environments.

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