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€17.00 (tax excl.)
CIP Cleaning Ball Made of stainless steel. Defined diffuser. Spray angle 360º Total (See other angles, bottom or rear) Fixed mounting system (supplied with clip) Various sizes available. Ideal for cleaning tanks,...
€59.00 (tax excl.)
Sprayer that acts as a venturi, together with pressurized air, projecting the liquid and causing a mist, where we can regulate the fan it produces. Polyamide Body Battery mounting possible. NBR gaskets M-5 threads...
€29.10 (tax excl.)
Sprayer that acts as a venturi, projecting the liquid, together with air, causing a mist, where we can regulate the fan it produces. Aluminum Body Possibility of mounting on battery. NBR gaskets M-5 threads 380º...
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Spraying Accessories. Buy online at the best price

Spraying is a process that involves the transformation of a solid or liquid material into small fine particles, generally with the aim of facilitating their dispersion or application in a liquid or gaseous medium. This process can be carried out by different techniques such as mechanical pulverizing (using mills or crushers), thermal pulverizing (using thermal energy to produce fine particles), chemical pulverizing (involving chemical reaction to produce fine particles). fine), and spraying through the venturi effect.

This uses a liquid medium, which together with the air pressure with the venturi effect we get that liquid to produce a spray, a fine mist regulated with a screw, to be able to give more or less fan.

Pneumatic sprayers have some advantages compared to other types of sprayers, such as greater uniformity in liquid application, greater efficiency in surface coverage, and the ability to reach difficult-to-apply areas. However, they may also have some disadvantages, such as higher purchase cost and higher energy consumption due to the use of an air compressor.

They are made of aluminum or polyamide, depending on the application used. The inlet holes for both compressed air and liquid are threaded to M-5. Nothing should be placed at the outlet of the sprayer as it would lose the mist effect it produces. It is applied directly to the place where the spray is required. It also has a built-in anti-drip system to avoid those cumbersome drops that could fall at the end of the cycle.

Spraying is used in a wide variety of industries and applications, such as agriculture (for the application of pesticides), pharmaceutical (for the production of medicines in aerosol form), food (for the production of powders and spices), cosmetics (for the production of powder makeup) and electronics (for the production of powder electronic components).

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