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LUB 5 Automatic oiler

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Desiccant filters protect industrial equipment from contamination by moisture and contaminating particles. The fluid reservoirs of hydraulic and lubrication systems are always at risk of being contaminated by unwanted...
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Support for single-point lubricators. Suitable for all models that have a 1/4 G-LUBE, SOLOLUBE, LUB-5 male outlet Made of stainless steel
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LUB5 electromechanical automatic lubricator. Volume 120 ml. Dosed volume 0.24 ml. Pressure 10 bar. Temperature -20º / 60ºC. 1/4" male thread. It can be mounted in any position. For greases or oils of NLGI 2...
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Lub 5 automatic oiler. Buy online at the best price

The Lub 5 automatic oiler is a single-point oiler powered by a powerful 3 V battery capable of being refilled 4 times in a period of up to 48 months at no additional cost, as long as the battery lasts. It is easily refillable using a ball Lubricationnipple. Self-rechargeable.

The Lub Oiler. 5 has an electromechanical drive using a gear pump that provides a pressure of 10 bar. (145 psi) It can work at temperatures from -20ºC to 60ºC The dosing volume is 0.24 ml. The Lubricationor oil outlet is through a 1/4” BSP male fitting that can be mounted anywhere using a fixing bracket.

It has the advantage that it can be mounted in any position. The programming and selection of the dosing time is through a very simple magnetic control indicated by LED control. They can work with oils or greases up to an NLGI 2 consistency and there are 2 dosage volumes, 120 ml tank or 250 ml tank.

The fields of application of Lub 5 are very broad, for example these would be some applications:

  • Heavy Machinery: Automatic oilers are used on heavy machinery such as excavators, bulldozers, cranes and other construction equipment to lubricate critical components that are constantly moving.
  • Transportation: Automatic oilers are also used in transportation vehicles, such as trucks, buses, and trains, to lubricate suspension components, transmission, and other systems.
  • Industrial machinery: In industry, automatic greasers are used in machinery such as presses, lathes, milling machines, packaging equipment, among others, to lubricate critical components that are constantly moving.
  • Agricultural Equipment: Automatic lubricators are used on agricultural equipment, such as tractors, combines, planters, among others, to lubricate critical components that are constantly moving.
  • Marine Equipment: Automatic oilers are used on ships and boats to lubricate critical components that are constantly moving, such as engines, propellers and pumps.
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