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€2.56 (tax excl.)
Double lip scraper, one for sealing and the other for scraper. Simple effect. Made of polyurethane. 95 Shore Speed 1 mt/s. Temperature -30ºC / 110ºC IF YOU DO NOT FIND THE DESIRED MEASUREMENT, CONTACT US
€3.84 (tax excl.)
Single-acting scraper, to protect cylinders against the entry of dirt. Made of polyurethane. Hardness 94 Shore. Speed 2 mt/s. Temperature -30ºC / 110ºC For thickness selection, see H/L dimension IF YOU DO NOT FIND THE...
€3.22 (tax excl.)
Single-acting scraper with metal casing and sharp-edged lip. Made of NBR nitrile rubber and steel casing. Hardness 88 Shore. Speed 2 mt/s. Temperature -5ºC / 100ºC For thickness selection, see dimension H1/L IF YOU DO...
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Scrapers for sealing in hydraulics and pneumatics. Buy online at the best price

Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders work in a variety of applications and environmental conditions, such as exposure to dust, debris, or outdoor weather conditions. To prevent these impurities from entering the cylinder assembly and the hydraulic or pneumatic system, scrapers are installed.

Scrapers are linear dynamic displacement seals with a lip that are mounted at the end of the cylinder, specifically between the rod and the sleeve, they are used in this part of hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders to scrape dirt, external particles, chips or moisture from the rods, preventing it from entering said cylinders and the circuit oil network.

These prevent contamination of the hydraulic medium that can damage guide rings, seals and other components. The cylinders that make up the hydraulic group or the air installation need to operate in optimal conditions. The entry of contaminants, whether in greater or lesser volume, can have a great impact on the performance of the cylinders, potentially causing the cylinder to stop working in the system, which would mean an expensive repair.

The scrapers are basically made of NBR, polyurethane or with metal coatings and reinforcements. They can also be made of Viton for very aggressive environments. Each model is used depending on how it is assembled and its type of accommodation. The stem can have speeds of up to 2 meters per second without affecting its performance. They withstand temperatures of about 100ºC

Scrapers are used in any type of industry where cylinders, both pneumatic and hydraulic, are installed, they are easy to exchange and low cost.

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