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The adhesive sponge rubber tape, whether in strips or sheets, are closed-cell microporous rubber foams, composed of EPDM. Temperature -20ºC / 100ºC. Endless applications. There are other qualities and formats, whether...
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Rolls of EPDM cellular rubber foam tape with acrylic adhesive on one side are used for general applications. It offers good adhesion on a wide variety of surfaces.

This adhesive foam weather stripping is especially suitable for both thermal and acoustic insulation, surface protection, weather sealing (dust, air, water, etc.), noise and vibration damping, etc.

For sealing use between two surfaces, if the joint is located under pressure, this adhesive tape will not be suitable for areas with traction, curvature or subject to drag.

It can be used in applications such as gaskets on doors, windows, sealing enclosures, as barriers, in sports facilities, in agriculture, etc.

There is a great diversity of applications, as examples:

  • For use mainly in the following industrial sectors: Construction, automotive and railway.
  • Acoustic isolation.
  • Thermal isolation.
  • Noise and vibration dampening
  • Sealed against water.
  • Sealed against dust or air currents.

The technical characteristics of the adhesive rubber tapes are:

  • Low water absorption.
  • Density 150 Kg/m3.
  • Good mechanical behavior and recovery power.
  • Good resistance to air, UV, and Ozone.
  • Temperature range: from -20ºC to 100ºC.
  • Acrylic adhesive.
  • Environmental protection: free of CFC and HCFC.
  • Variety of finishes.
  • Fire resistance M2 (UNE 23727-90)
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