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Cord for rubber sheets

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€4.48 (tax excl.)
Smooth heat-sealable cord or strap. Excellent abrasion resistance. Made of solid polyurethane. Hardness 80 Shore. Recommended tension 4-8% PRICE PER METER. IN CASE OF QUANTITY, CONSULT PRICE.
€2.44 (tax excl.)
Latex is a natural elastomer, it has a high degree of elasticity and compression. It is an anti-abrasive rubber that has good mechanical properties. Ideal for elastic, cushioning and abrasion applications. Non-toxic...
€1.52 (tax excl.)
They have good resistance to aging due to ozone, solar oxidation and UV rays and good resistance to acids and electrical charges, excellent resistance to dry heat, flame and cold. It is inert. It is not advisable in...
€1.52 (tax excl.)
CR neoprene spongy cord has the combination of properties that makes it a multifunctional rubber. It is used to make insulating gaskets and coatings to protect environments that are in contact with oils and other...
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Cord for rubber plates. Buy online at the best price

Cord is a material that is used in various applications due to its unique properties. This type of cord is made of various materials such as neoprene, silicone, latex or polyurethane.

Neoprene cord is a synthetic elastomer known for its resistance to water, oils, and extreme temperatures. The spongy characteristic of the cord means that it has a cellular structure that provides it with flexibility and compressibility. This material is commonly used in sealing and insulation applications. It can be used to seal joints and prevent the entry of water, dust or air. It is also used in the manufacture of windows and doors to provide an airtight seal. Its ability to adapt to different surfaces and resist adverse conditions makes it useful in various industries, such as automotive, construction and manufacturing.

The spongy silicone cord , an elastic material and resistant to extreme temperatures, making it suitable for sealing or insulating different components. This type of silicone spongy cord is commonly used in applications where flexibility and compressibility are required, such as in the automotive, electronics, construction, and more industries. It can function as a seal to protect against dust, moisture or even as a shock absorber in mechanical applications.

Fluffy latex cord could be a type of material used in the manufacture of products such as elastics, cords or decorative elements. This material, being spongy, has elastic and soft properties, which would make it suitable for various uses in the manufacture of clothing.

Heat-weldable polyurethane cord is a material used in various fields, especially in industrial and sealing applications. This type of cord is made from polyurethane, a thermoplastic polymer, and is heat-weldable, meaning it can be melted and joined together using heat. This material is commonly used to seal joints and provide moisture and dust resistance in different products and components. Being heat-weldable, it can be applied using heat to create a strong, long-lasting bond.
Additionally, polyurethane is known for its flexibility, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance, making it suitable for various applications.

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