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€8.96 (tax excl.)
ISO-7241-A standard hydraulic quick coupler Made of carbon steel. NBR seal PTFE ring Service temperature -20º / 100ºC
€3.92 (tax excl.)
Adapter for ISO-7241-A standard plug Made of carbon steel. NBR seal PTFE ring Service temperature -20º / 100ºC
€16.21 (tax excl.)
ISO-7241-B standard punch quick coupling Made of carbon steel. NBR seal PTFE ring Service temperature -20º / 100ºC
€44.42 (tax excl.)
Flat Face Hydraulic Quick Coupler ISO-16028 ISO-16028 Standard Made of carbon steel. Security fence. Anti-drip. Service temperature -20º / 100ºC
€76.69 (tax excl.)
ISO-7241-B Standard Made of stainless steel-316. Viton gasket, Teflon ring. Service temperature -15º / 180ºC 
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HYDRAULIC QUICK PLUGS. Buy online at the best price

Hydraulic quick couplers are accessories created for quick, safe and easy joining between hoses or between fixed elements and hoses which require very frequent assembly and disassembly when the lines are pressurized.

They are made up of a female part and a male part, in which they couple and uncouple.

Once uncoupled, the circuit or hose remains closed, without losing fluid. They are mostly made of carbon steel, brass and stainless steel.

Hydraulic quick couplers can have a differentiated profile that identifies them, each one complies with regulations.

The most used are the following: ISO-7241-A, ISO-16028, ISO-7241-B,

Types of hydraulic quick couplers:

  • Punch , to open and close the internal valve of the quick couplings is done through a punch with an internal spring.
  • Ball system , it is the same system as the previous one but for opening and closing it is done with a ball also associated with a spring.
  • Flat face , Used for very high pressures, A clapet is responsible for opening and closing the plugs, They have the advantage in this system that the connection does not lose oil, it has “0” leakage, ecological.
  • Self-tapping . This type of plug has a thread so that, as the thread rotates, it opens the internal valve to allow the flow of fluid.

Hydraulic quick couplers have a wide range of threads to cover all types of regulations. BSP, NPT, METRICA, JIC/SAE, which can be male or female thread.

They have a very comfortable, easy installation without any type of risk. Protective caps can be fitted to prevent dirt when they are not connected to each other. They extend the useful life of the plug.

The most used sectors of hydraulic quick couplers are the following: Public works, agriculture, naval, railway, food, chemical, steel, paper industry, etc.

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