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Benefits of hose reels for the industrial sector

Did you know the benefits of this product?

They are the perfect option to organize, store and automatically collect hoses in your company.

What is it?

A hose reel is a device used to store and unwind hoses automatically using a motor. It is made up of a reel or drum on which the hose is wound and a system that unrolls the hose when needed.

They are the perfect option to organize, store and collect hoses or cables.

Where are they used?

Hose reels have a multitude of applications, among which we highlight:

  • Industry
  • Construction
  • Oil facilities
  • Gardening
  • Agriculture
  • fire stations

Discover our Prevost range

At Disumtec we are specialists in the supply of pneumatic accessories for all types of companies.

We have Prevost brand automatic reels in various sizes and materials.

The DRF series is a functional product and is available in 10, 12 and 15 meters in length. It is especially used in feeding portable pneumatic tools, blowing, cleaning or proximity work.

The main features of this model are its galvanized steel casing with blue electrostatic powder paint based on UV-resistant polyester, which makes it suitable for working outdoors.

The DRFI series is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and is available in 12 meters in length. It is a product suitable for humid and corrosive environments, such as outdoors, ports, the agri-food sector, swimming pools or large surfaces.

Both models have the air outlet provided with a prevoS1 anti-whiplash safety quick plug, which allows pneumatic tools to be decompressed and disconnected with a single gesture.

What benefits do they have for the industrial sector?

They are essential in industrial facilities due to:

  • The image of order and cleanliness that they give to the workshop or factory.
  • The comfort it brings to the work team, because they automatically collect the hoses.
  • The security provided by having the equipment collected, avoiding accidents in the work area.
  • Cost savings by avoiding hose breakage. In addition, the rollers are made of highly resistant materials that allow regular use without excessive wear.
  • In relation to the previous benefit, efficiency is achieved in the production process. It prevents the breakage of a hose from stopping the operation of machines and equipment.